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The MOM Szent Magdolna Private Hospital is located in the beautiful green belt of Buda, on the second floor of MOM Park Shopping Centre. One of Buda’s largest clinics, MOM Szent Magdolna boasts the most extensive range of services that will provide you and your family with the best personalized care available. Our mission as a private hospital is to present you with the right and permanent treatments for a large number of illnesses in the calm Buda environment.

To be able to provide you with the highest quality care, our hospital has selected doctors who are excellently trained and have vast experience in their fields, enabling them to establish meaningful changes in your health and environment. Thanks to this, our team of doctors can provide you with reliable advice, determine proper diagnoses and administer suitable treatments in numerous fields. Our one-day inpatient service makes it possible for the specialist treating you to perform any necessary procedure and surgery. Our medical team ensures you that you’ll be able to benefit from the most high-tech, contemporary surgical procedures. Our highly-trained, empathic nurses will take top-notch care of you after your surgery. Most of our doctors are multilingual: they speak English, German, or Russian.

Our main aim is to make you feel comfortable and good in Szent Magdolna Private Hospital. Our compassionate team awaits you with a vast array of services, so you can win back your health and well-being as fast as possible, or to help you prevent the development of illnesses.

For more information, please contact us on the telephone, or by e-mail!

Contact Us: +36 1 733 3444

(Monday – Friday  08:-20:00 között)